Wednesday, February 26, 2014

     This my friends will be quite interesting! I am in a cabin in the Tennessee mountains on a ski trip with good friends so there is no S!#T in this cabin freezer...WHAT?? How the hell am I supposed to create something spectacular while I'm trying to keep from fracturing a hip or breaking a leg? What kind of madness am I trying to accomplish here? We will just have to see :) We do have a few groceries in the small fridge to get us through the week like beer, wine, beer oh and did I mention wine? We've also got some eggs, a bag of raw veggies and a few other little tidbits...It's Frittata Wednesday!!! We'll have a vacation drink (or two) and cook!!! This is what I've  got..
              1.  a dozen eggs (you only need as much as you want)       
              2.  cheddar cheese (shredded would be best but I only have the fake cheese food  singles...individually wrapped mind you).
              3. a bag of raw mixed veggies (I think I will only use about a cup total of the broccoli & cauliflower on this recipe but you use what you like)
              4.  approx. 1/4 diced onion (we got a small onion for breakfast and for sandwiches)
              5. "whipped spread" (I think this is their mountain version of margarine but it will do)
              6. salt & pepper
               (cut up pieces of sausage, bacon, or even pepperoni would do gloriously in this recipe)
        This one again is quite easy and takes very little time, got to love these! Moisten the lips then preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Heat a couple of tablespoons of your "spread" or marg in a med, oven approved skillet (a cast iron pan is really the best for this stuff but of course NO DICE, I've got stainless). When that's sizzlin', toss in the onion. While the onion softens, cut the veggies into small pieces and throw them in with the onion to soften a bit as well. While everything gets familiar in the pan, whip the eggs up with some salt and pepper (for two of us I use about 6 - 8 eggs, leftovers of this recipe are out of this world, even at room temp)! Use the whole dozen if you wish, it's all you kid! I put a couple of teaspoons of water in with the eggs but I would much rather heavy cream or even milk and of course...don't have any!! When the vegetables have softened some and the eggs are whipped up, pour them evenly over the buttery veggies. I ripped the fake cheese into strips and laid them wherever I liked over the top of the egg mixture, if you've got shredded, a good handful should do. Lower the heat and cook for just 5 - 6 mins. Don't stir!! Now carefully place the whole shebang in the oven and cook for about 15 - 20 mins.  DON'T overcook or the eggs will get dry and brown on the bottom.
     Quench the thirst then take your frittata out of the oven, cover with some foil and let it sit for 10 - 15 mins until the center doesn't jiggle any longer. Serve with warm, crusty buttered bread or just by itself...WHO CARES???
    And naturally, this recipe is DERN TASTY.........Bon appetite!!!

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