Wednesday, March 26, 2014

     Heck of a week so far, it's all okay - no worries - we have alcohol which must have been created specifically for these special times...thank the heavens! (what a joke, ya'll know I have "these special times" every night :) Okie Dokie, let's get to it! Tonight's fantastical meal looks like it must come from chicken cutlets!!! OOOH YEAH, I have just the ticket for these sweet babies, "Chicken Cutlet Purses". I'm so tickled, I adore these things!!
     Taking a little gander around the kitchen, this is what I've got:
                  1.  4-6 chicken cutlets, depending on who's eatin'
                  2.  4-6 slices of baked ham, sliced thin
                  3.  4-6 slices of Swiss cheese (the packaged Swiss comes in long rectangular slices so if 
                       that's what your using, cut those slices in half)
                  4.  a handful of fresh spinach leaves (you only need 2 or 3 per cutlet)
                  5.  Italian style breadcrumbs, just enough to coat the purses (I know...more freakin'
                  6.  some parmesan cheese for sprinkling
                  7.  1 garlic clove, peeled &  a little smooshed
                  8.  2 beaten eggs 
                  9.   salt & pepper
                 10.  a little olive oil for baking and drizzling
       Got it all together???  Let's top off our glass and get to cookin'!
                        Pre-heat oven to...take a guess...yup, you got it, 350 degrees (shocking huh)
  Grab a small baking dish (an 8x8 size should do)  Drizz about a tablespoon of olive oil around the bottom of your baking dish then place the squashed garlic clove in the oil. Put the dish in the micro for about 30-40 secs. on high to flavor the oil and just let it sit while you prepare the chicky.
Find a couple of dishes, one for the egg & the other for the breadcrumbs. Lay the chicken on a flat plate. Salt & pepper each cutlet. Place one square slice of ham, one slice of cheese and 2 or 3 spinach leaves on each cutlet. Sprinkle a little parm cheese on top of everything.
   Carefully fold each cutlet in half, the best you can & don't worry if anything is sticking out, big whoop! Stick 2 or 3 toothpicks around the edges of the cutlets to keep them together (sounds like lots of trouble but believe me...well worth it)! Take the baking dish out of the micro. and remove the garlic. Now, with love & tenderness, take your 'purses' and moisten each one with egg then very carefully cover them with breadcrumbs. Place each one in the baking dish and sprinkle a little more parm on top. Just a teeny tiny bit more olive oil over the top of each little breaded 'purse' to help brown and ready for the sauna! MMMM, I can't wait!!
    Bake in the oven, uncovered for approx. 20-25 mins. Again, DO NOT OVERCOOK! Dry chicken is gross  :)  Fill up yer glass, fix a little salad and oh yeah! (don't forget to take out those stabby tooth picks).    Now, time to feast on these DERN TASTY jewels...Wahoo!!!!

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