Wednesday, April 9, 2014

     Don't you just love steak? I know I sure do. Do you have steak in the freezer? I know I sure don't. So we know one ain't steak tonight :( Well there's ALWAYS some kinda S!#t in The Freezer that will tickle our fancy - but - most important thing 1st...libation time!!  Hot damn that's fine :)
NOW we can get jiggy with it!  I did it, I've solved tonights quandry...RIBS...Yeeha ya'll!!!
   I really love this recipe, it is so very simple but does take some cooking time, and so what? Who cares? These ribs are so tender and tasty, you will fall for them too!
   Down to business, this is what I have: 
       1.  1 slab of pork loin ribs, approx. 3lbs (any style ribs will work)        
       2.  2 tablespoons mustard....Yes mustard, get over it! (any type ya like)
       3.  spices like salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, fennel seed (I use fennel pollen on
            almost everything pork but it is rather pricey so the seed works just fine) and a few
            pinches of paprika. Whatever spices float your boat...ya'll
       4.  about 1/4 cup apple jc (just cause I like it) you can always use beef or chicken stock
            (lo-sodium, of course) or plain ol' h2o, if you don't care much for flavor up to you! Hehe.
       5.  a few tablespoons of your fave bbq sc, just enough to make them messy!
    Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees, SAAAY WHAAAT?? Yup you heard correctly, the world is a
    crazy place my friends! (that means have another drink in Pattie talk)
    Meantime, line a baking pan, a 13 x 9 is good, with aluminum foil.
    Cut the slab in half if it doesn't fit in the pan then coat the pork with mustard on both sides
    (I promise it won't taste "mustardy")
     Liberally sprinkle the spices that you are using all over both sides of the ribs then rub your meat
     (GEEZE, what kind of blog is this anyway :) working the spices and mustard into all the cracks
     and crevices. (OUCH)
     Pour your liquid into the pan drizzling a little over the meat and that's it!
     Cover the pan with more alum, crimped tightly around the edges and shove it in the oven.
     Cook ribs for 1hr 45mins to 2hrs. Remove from the oven. Take off the top foil and brush or
     spoon on a little bbq sc all over the meat. Back in the oven, uncovered for an additional 15 mins
     until sauce is browned & sticky. Good God...I'm ready NOW!  Some cold beer maybe potato
     salad and what can get better than that (okay, don't say it) SO DERN TASTY!!! Enjoy!

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