Wednesday, July 23, 2014

'Kitchen Sink Stir Fry'

   Every so often there comes a time for a good fridge cleansing, you know - out with the old, in with new sort of jazz that requires a 'kitchen sink' kind of meal. Well tonight is the night! We'll pour our first glass o' relaxer of the evening, put on the big fat t-shirt & take a stroll to the freezer to make our discovery. Now this is exciting!! Tonight we have a choice, tonight...ANYTHING goes!! We've got two chicken breasts AND a bag of shrimp in here - wow, endless possibilities! Well I'm really in the mood for something fast and shrimpy so it's 'Kitchen Sink Stir Fry' (sorta) for our clean out the fridge meal this fine evening.
   So, a little more relax juice and this is what I've got:
       1. 1 lb cleaned med shrimp (tails off) defrosted or 1 lb chicken cut into strips
       2. 1/2 cup or so broccoli florets
       3. 1/4 cup or a more onion, sliced 
       4. 4oz (approx) mushrooms, sliced
       5. 4-6 carrot sticks (I have a few left in a bag) sliced thin or julienned if your fancy
       6. 1/2 green pepper sliced (red pepper too if you have it)
       7. cooked much as you need...BUT I ran out of rice (which is insanity)
           so I will use, ready for this...ramen noodles, 2 pkgs...yes, I said ramen noodles, KA-RA-ZY!!
       8. veg oil for sautéing
       9. 1/4 cup soy sc.
     10. 1 1/2 cup water (for noodles)
This recipe is such fun cause you use whatever you have on hand. As much or as little as you want! If you don't have some of the stuff I'm using, big deal, no one cares, you have other tasty bites you want to use...just do it!! Good times :) Let's CLEAN OUT THE FRIDGE!
   Now, with a full glass, grab a large, deep skillet and let's act like chefs!
   Heat skillet on med heat. Drizzle a few tablespoons veg oil in the pan and heat till oil is hot. Add all the veggies & soy sc to the pan and 'stir fry' about 2-3 minutes (this is where you would add the chicken if that's what your using). Pour water in with the vegetables and bring just to a boil. (I have a packet of shrimp flavored noodles and a packet of chicken flavored. I'm using both). Sprinkle contents of seasoning packets from the noodles into the water and stir. Add the noodles. Stir. Lower the heat, cover and simmer for approx. 5-7 mins. until noodles are tender. Remove cover. Stir. Add shrimp, toss around until everything is mixed up real pretty. Cook just until shrimp is cooked through, pink and liquid is absorbed. Done! You really don't need anything else with this 'clean out' meal but your lips and another cold one (and maybe some chopsticks to set the mood). Play around with this one, sprinkle a little more soy on top if ya like it...have some fun, and remember to always make it...DERN TASTY!!! Now go eat! :)

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