Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Portobello Pizzas'

     Now that grilling season is in our face, our minds take us back to those luscious, smoky memories & damn mosquitos...I find myself spraying massive amounts of smelly Off all over my body, pouring an extra large glass of frosty, cold beer (a light beer, I must keep my fat sexy :) and it's out to fire up the grill. Wait, WHOOA Nelly...what's the freezer got in store for us?? Sticking my head in the icebox, (ooh, nice and cool) I don't see a whole lot but I do have a little frozen block of 'meatloaf mix' (ground pork & ground beef smooshed together) so with that and what I've got in the fridge, we can grill our ass off (if only)!! Our cookout meal tonight will be 'Portobello Pizzas'! DANG, don't that sound scrumptious??  This is what I've got: 
    1. 4 lrg Portobello mushrooms (stems removed & gills scraped out)
    2. about 1lb (a little less or more won't matter) ground meat (I've got the meatloaf mixture but
       ground beef or turkey is also just as awesome)
    3. 4 lrg  raw onion 'rings' (bell pepper 'ring' also very tasty)
    4. 3/4 cup marinara sc. (whatever kind of pasta or pizza sc you have is perfect)
    5  1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (lo-fat if you really think it will help anything)
    6. 1/2 tsp oregano
    7. 4 tablespoons parm cheese
    8. veg oil, olive oil or cooking spray - up to you!
       Start with another ice cold one THEN light the grill to med-high heat. Meantime, crumble and
brown your meat. Drain. Add the sauce and oregano. Simmer on low for a few mins while you set
out 4 squares of alum foil (a little bigger than the mush caps are). Brush or spray oil on the top of 
mush caps and place each one, top down, on each piece of alum foil. Fill each cap with meat mixture
then place your onion (or pepper) ring on top. Spoon a 'good' spoonful or two of mozz cheese inside
the ring and sprinkle with parm cheese. (sky is the limit for toppings...sliced blk olives, pepperoni,
jalapenos, whatever you fancy)! Now loosely wrap each cap with another piece of foil and place on
the grill. Lower heat to medium (350 degrees) and cook for approx.10-12 mins until mushrooms are tender. So little clean-up, LOVE IT!!! Fill up your glass, fix a little cucumber, onion and tomato salad & life is good!  Mucho DERN TASTY...Such fun :)

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