Wednesday, May 7, 2014

      No time this week for shopping, God only knows what we can find in the freezer tonight sooo -
we grab a glass of pinot grigio, head over to the freezer and keep the fingers crossed! Aaaahh,
figures...PEAS, yes I said a bag of frozen PEAS - no meat, just PEAS!!! Oh brother, relax, it's okay, don't be a titty baby! As long as we got the goods in the cupboard...we can do anything!!! So, we refill and take a stroll around the kitchen island. Take a little glance into the cupboard and hell yeah,
I see exactly what we're going to do...what joy :) It's 'Mushroom, Pea and Pasta Marsala"              This is what I've got...
       1.  1lb cooked pasta (I have small shells but if I had ditalini, I would use those)
       2.  1lb cleaned & chopped mushrooms, whatever kind ya like
       3.  1 cup dry Marsala wine
       4.  1/2 lb artichoke hearts (I have the cans but frozen would probably be better)
       5.  3/4 cup grated parm cheese (or a little more if you love it)
       6.   1/2 cup heavy cream (milk is okay but it's  gonna be a little thin)
       7.   1 small chopped onion
       8.   8oz frozen peas, thawed preferably
       9.   some olive oil for the pan
      10.  a handful of chopped parsley
      11.  salt & blk pepper to taste 
    Alright, that's enough already!! MORE WINE!!!  K, now drizzle 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil in the bottom of a large, deep ( gosh, AGAIN, so nasty) skillet. Heat on med-high for a few mins then
add the onions. After about a minute or two, add the mushrooms, peas and a good pinch of salt.
Cook 8-10 mins until the mushrooms have cooked down. Pour the Marsala over the shrooms &
cook about 5 mins or so until most of the wine has evaporated. Add the pasta to the mushroom mixture. Stir it up a bit then add the artichoke hearts, parm cheese and cream (if it doesn't look
creamy enough for you, add a little more cream). Cook for about 5 minutes or until the artichoke
hearts are heated through. Stir in the pepper then taste for seasoning. Sprinkle parsley over the top,
toss it around a bit and be prepared for ecstasy (oooh, sounds groovy)! This DERN TASTY recipe
is brought to you by...ME :) Have a fantastic week!!!

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