Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Quick & Tasty Paella"

      Close your eyes, picture it...crystal clear turquois waters, palm trees bending to the warm breezes that envelop your body, the sound of birds singing so sweetly with the beckoning smell of something sizzling on an open fire pit while sucking down a cold summery glass of sangria, aaahh, now that's what I'm talkin' about!! Okay, wake your ass up & snap out of it, that's somebody else's life! WE are heading to the freezer for a dose of reality so let's check it out. We're still doing a cold summery glass of sangria by the way :)  I see a few things which gives us many options. All kinds of things to choose from so tonight but I think I'll use two different meats and create something remarkable, chicken thighs & chorizo sausage..."Quick & Tasty Paella"...Love, love, love this dish! 
 This is what I have: 
        1.  4-6 boneless skinless chicken thighs (breasts can be used too if you like dry chicken)
        2.  1lb chorizo sausage cut into 1/2 in medallions
        3.  1 10oz pkg yellow rice, cooked according to pkg directions (chicken stock instead of water
                       adds flavor)
        4.  1 can of young baby peas, drained (I like LeSeur but 9 ounces of frozen, thawed is good also)
        5.  1 med onion, chopped
        6.  2 tsp Adobo seasoning
        7.  butter or margarine and lots of it!!
        8.  pimento pcs (optional, it looks pretty & adds good flavor)
We can still take our minds to a beautiful someplace, with a full glass of sangria and a hefty bowl of paella...let's do this!!
        Grab a large, deep skillet. Heat it on med heat and drop a couple of teaspoons of butter around the bottom to melt. Toss in the onion. Cook for just a couple mins then put your thighs in the pan
(ouch). Sprinkle Adobo seasoning on everything and cook chicken 3-4 mins on each side until no longer pink when you cut into it. Add the sausage and cook just till chorizo is warmed through. Remove chicken, sausage & onions from skillet. Lower heat to simmer. Spread cooked yellow rice evenly around the bottom of the skillet. If you are using pimentos, mix them in with the rice now (I use the leftover pimentos from the green olive jar when I have waste here, plus they add a flavor that I love)  Place the chicken, sausage & onion evenly over the top of the rice. Dig a round well (about 3-4 inches around) right in the middle of the rice mixture. Pour the drained peas right in the middle of this gorgeous masterpiece. Drop a several globs of butter over the peas and rice. Cover. Heat long enough for the peas to heat through and the butter to melt. Serve with a large serving spoon right out of the skillet...delectable!!! With some buttered Cuban bread and some more sangria, what the hell else do ya want??? Life is good and so DERN TASTY!!!

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